• Sunday 30 August 2015

    Youtube beauty guru Carli Bybel releases eyeshadow palette for BH cosmetics

    Youtube beauty guru Carli Bybel releases eyeshadow palette for BH cosmetics
    The news are out!! Carli Bybel created an eyeshadow palette in association with BH Cosmetics. The palette features earthy eyeshadows and shimmery blushes.

    The Carli Bybel for BH Cosmetics palette will be released early September and countless girls around the globe cant wait to buy one.

    You will be able to buy the palette directly on the BH Cosmetics website and even tho the retail price has not been released yet, like all other BH products this pallete will be super affordable.

    Get the signature smokey eye look of Carli Bybel and create many more styles of your own with this fun and new BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palette.

    Create a whole new YOU with this gorgeous Carli Bybel for BH cosmetics palette and style your new look with a sexy dress from MYANNIKA.

  • Monday 11 May 2015

    Experience the best beauty & skin care in Monaco

    Experience the best beauty & skin care in Monaco
    About two weeks ago i decided to treat myself to a facial. First i was unsure on where to go in Monaco but after a quick research and asking some girls on FB for advice i decided to book an appointment with Stephanie from The Advanced Skin Clinic in Monaco.

    I booked a 1h and 15min long deep cleaning, hydrating, advanced vitamin treatment. All products used are by Environ. 

    First i was a bit sceptical as i only ever had 1 facial in my life before and i couldnt really see or feel a difference after. This time however it was completely different. Not only did i feel a huge difference directly after the treatment but even for days to come my skin was more firm, tight and way more radiant. 

    I am aware of the fact that 1 facial a year does not do much so i decided to treat myself from now on every 6 weeks to a advanced vitamin facial treatment with The Advanced Skin Clinic in Monaco.

    For 75 min i can turn off my phone and can fully relax knowing that i am in great hands and that i do something truely amazing and hydrating for my skin. I even ordered some Environ creme samples as i am dying to see what their face creams can do.

    I will try them out for a few month and report back to you on how the results are and if i continue to use them.

    If you wanna treat yourself to a fantastic facial or any other beauty treatmant and you are in Monaco or near by call Stephanie for an appointment.

    The Advanced Skin Clinic
    11B Avenue de Generale du Gaulle
    06240 Beausoleil

    0033 6 30 40 84 20
  • Thursday 26 March 2015

    Golden Tattoos

    Golden Tattoos
    Order your sheet of golden tattoos here: Contact for details.
  • Monday 5 January 2015

    Amrezy - Our Nr. 1 Hair and Makeup inspirtaion

    Amrezy - Our Nr. 1 Hair and Makeup inspirtaion
    Many of you probably know of the amazing Instagram account of Amrezy. She is a true hair and makeup inspiration with currently 1.8 million follower on IG. 

    But we dont just love her fantastic hair and makeup inspirtaions and routines but we also love her sence for fashion and style. Especially her glamorous way of rocking celebrity inspired bandage dresses and bodycon dresses. Noone does it as sexy as she does!!

  • Monday 25 November 2013

    Monday morning makeup inspiration!!

    Monday morning makeup inspiration!!
    Every Monday myannika is introducing you a new and fabulous makeup look.This week its this gorgeous autumn look. Berry colored lips are a must this season and can be worn both by blondes and brunettes. Always make sure you line your lips before applying the lipstick and after as well so the finished look appears more round and professional.
  • Wednesday 27 November 2013

    Bellami hair extensions

    Bellami hair extensions
    As you all know Annika truly believes that beauty comes from the inside and that every single girl is beautiful in her own and unique way. Having said that we all love to underline our inner beauty with a bit of style and fabulosity on the outside. In Annika's closet you can find everything that makes you feel beautiful, stylish and sexy. All of us deserve a bandage dress that shows of our feminine curves in all the right places and crystal jewelry that makes us feel like a real life princess. But what is a perfect outfit without the perfect makeup and hair? After all its the full package that counts.   >>More

  • Wednesday 25 December 2013

    Party perfect make up

    Party perfect make up
    Do you have your 'annika' dress for NYE yet?? If not, use the chance and grab a bargain in our boxing day SALE that starts on December 26. Order till latest Dec 29 and get the dress in time for your big party.

    No matter what style or color your dress is, a bright pink, coral or red lip with some super sexy black cat eye is the look to go for this year. 

    ​Happy new year my lovely glam-girls!!
  • Monday 6 January 2014

    Tone it up - Be fit and healthy

    Tone it up - Be fit and healthy
    New years resolutions! Don't we have them all. But how serious are we with sticking to them? I always try to start the year happy and especially healthy. Not that i am particularly bad through out the year but i believe if you start the year in a positive way it will end as well in a good way.
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